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April 7, 2022

Benefits of Dental Crowns

by Dr. Laurie T. Hanschu

Stefanie Shore, DDS in Carmichael encourages all our patients to learn about the remarkable benefits of dental crowns. This is because it is an option that many take for granted. While it is possible to have fillings or even opt for an extraction, one of the best opportunities available to those with dental decay, damaged teeth, root canals and even dental implants, is the option for dental crowns.

As your dentist in Carmichael, Dr. Shore may suggest dental crowns for the following issues:

  • Overly large cavities in which a filling would compromise the strength of the tooth
  • Replacing large, old fillings that leave the tooth weakened
  • Damaged or broken teeth that are otherwise healthy and free of decay
  • Teeth that have been treated with a root canal
  • Single tooth dental implants require a crown as a final restoration
  • Teeth with microscopic cracks that cause pain to biting and/or cold

Clearly, one of the many benefits of dental crowns is that they are a key part of restorative dentistry. This is dentistry that enables you to use your teeth and gums to the greatest extent possible, chewing, speaking and looking as you have always done. This ensures the greatest quality of life as well. After all, yet another of the benefits of dental crowns is their ability to eliminate pain and discomfort while allowing you full use of the tooth.

No more wincing when you bite down on something, no more cringing when you drink a hot or cold drink, and the ability to enjoy the widest and healthiest diet possible…these are all things that a dental crown helps you do.

They are also custom-made to match your smile. Therefore, we might suggest teeth whitening prior to crowns as it will allow you to enjoy a flawlessly white grin into the future. Naturally, that is not mandatory, and a crown is always made to match your teeth and look as natural as possible.

Finally, another one of the benefits is that they are easy to place. We make both laboratory-made crowns and single visit CEREC crowns. Dr. Shore will discuss the benefits of each type of crown for your unique mouth. You will be happy you invested in a crown for a fully functional tooth that is pain-free and entirely natural in its appearance.

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Dr. Shore was voted a Top Dentist by her professional peers in a survey conducted by Sacramento Magazine. Dr. Shore continues to invest in ongoing education classes to make sure that her patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced dental care.

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